The legendary port of Valparaiso...

First port of South America, Valparaiso was founded by the Spanish in 1535.  Sited in the Bay of the same name, the city was erected by molding itself to the particular geography of its abrupt hills. This is why it holds so many funiculars, some of which date back to the early 19th century. Today, most of these funiculars are still in operation and are used on a daily basis by many proud residents. The funiculars have even become the emblem of this port city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in 2004.

In Valparaiso, one must visit the ‘Museo Naval’, the Fine Arts Museum, the Port district, La Sebastiana, home of the renown Nobel prize Winner of Literature Pablo Neruda,  which is today converted into an eclectic museum. The busy financial district, the long and winding costal promenade that starts in the vicinity of the Port and brings you all the way across the Bay.

To savour all the charm and magic that emanate from this mystical city, unique by its architecture and winding configuration, it is on foot that one must discover its numerous streets and passages and most of all, witness the human murmur of its people, rich of their culture, traditions and history.

Great view of Valpo's victorian houses  
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