DAY 02: Isla Negra / Matetic Vineyard / Valparaíso

This full day excursion will permit you to discover aspects of the life and times of the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda (Nobel Prize winner in 1971) as well as serve as an introduction to one of the emerging premium vineyards of the San Antonio Valley.

Leaving the Hotel, we head towards the San Antonio Valley, famous for producing great wines with excellent bouquets and unique tastes due to the Valley’s singular maritime climatic conditions. We will visit the “Viña Matetic” where, after an introductory talk about the vineyard’s techniques and production methods, and an overview of the vineyard and the valley, we will taste some examples of their special wines. From here, we travel in direction to the coast where we will stop for lunch at a local restaurant which specializes in locally produced foods (”terroir” food). The afternoon will be dedicated to the visit of the village of “Isla Negra” located on the Pacific Coast, where we will have a guided of the Museum house and surrounding grounds of Pablo Neruda’s property, offering us the chance to see the eccentricities of the internationally renown Chilean poet and better understand the essence of his poetry. A the end of the day, return to the Hotel, via a brief visit to Algarrobo and El Quisco. Overnight stay at Hotel Manoir Atkinson.

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Vineyard in Chile
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