DAY 01: Santiago / Valparaíso

Private transfer from Santiago Airport to Valparaíso, check in at Hotel Manoir Atkinson, followed by a half-day introductory tour of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, visiting the principle cultural, historical and economic highlights of the area

From the Hotel, we start by discovering the history of Viña del Mar by way of its main streets and avenues, museums, and its large houses and palaces. Then, heading along the coast towards Reñaca (Chile’s most famous beach resort), we make a short stop to observe the coastal wildlife and birds around the “Sea lion Rock”, before heading back towards the grand bay of Valparaíso.

Our first stop in Valparaíso is at the “Artillería” lift, from where it is possible to see the imposing view of the city, the port activity and further more, to see how the city has developed over recent years. We continue around and across the “cerros” or folds in the hills of the city to the San Luis Square from where we will discover “Cerro Concepción” on foot, with its 19th Century architecture like the St. Paul’s and Lutheran churches, and the famous Paseo Atkinson alleyway. We walk across to “Cerro Alegre” along the Paseo Gervasoni alleyway where the famous Café Turri and the Museum House of the renown cartoonist Lukas are located. A number of other traditional alleyways will be walked to cross over to “Paseo Yugoslavo” and the Baburitza Palace which offers another amazing view of the bay, before descending to the “Plaza Sotomayor” via the “El Peral” lift. The tour ends along the main city avenues passing the National Congress building and examples of the historic architecture which helped make Valparaíso a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

As an optional extra we can visit the museum house of Pablo Neruda “La Sebastiana”. Return to the Hotel Manoir Atkinson. Overnight stay.

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