To contribute to the emerging tourism industry of Valparaiso - declared World Heritage by UNESCO - by proposing a new and different Hotel experience.

The Hotel Manoir Atkinson, considered a boutique hotel in Valparaiso chile, which is located in the heart of the most frequented sightseeing tour of historic Valparaiso, the Cerro Concepcion and Paseo Atkinson, offers a unique view of the Bay, the Pacific Coast, the surrounding hills of Valparaiso and the buzzling downtown area.

A manor constructed in the end of the XIXe century, and now completely restored by its new owners with the intention of making it an exclusive, yet charming hotel-boutique. Today, Hotel Manoir Atkinson brings new enchantment to the magic of Valparaiso.

Corporate Responsibility

By its business practices, Hotel Manoir Atkinson is a hotel that is respectful of the environment and concerned of its preservation.

The Hotel is also governed by a code of ethics that includes social responsibility. It thrives to safeguard and enhance the historic, cultural and architectural patrimony of Valparaiso, as well as contribute to the well-being of its employees, suppliers and the community of which it is part of.

Hotel Manoir Atkinson is thus committed to contributing to a durable economic development.

Judith Meunier & Jaime Llambías Wolff

The facade of hotel Manoir Atkinson

Iron works on the gate of our boutique hotel
Paseo Atkinson 165, Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso, Chile. Fono: +56 (32) 3275425 | info@hotelatkinson.cl